Friday, January 15, 2010

Missing the Big O

Barack Obama called and left us a message today! Unfortunately, he called while we were shopping at Ikea for a pile of cheap desk lamps for my husband's office.

It was our first trip to Ikea and, honestly, I would have preferred waiting at home by the phone — just in case the President called. That store is too big and twisty-turny, and everything looks Swedish. The only items that tempted me were in the Swedish food section at the very end of the store. I've always wanted to try saft, that lingonberry drink concentrate. But I wasn't paying $12, even if it made enough to fill the bathtub.

But back to Barack: Yes, if you're a Massachusetts resident, he probably called you, too. But I don't care! I'm taking this personally! I was so excited to hear him talking to ME! His voice on our machine sounds just like him! So friendly, pleasant, intelligent, and earnest. I'm never going to erase it, until I do it accidentally.

He asked us to vote for Martha Coakley on Tuesday, and explained how crucial our vote was. We already know how important it is, and we plan to vote for her. (Given the opposition, I'd vote for Rasputin if he were on the Democratic ticket.) But it was so nice of the POTUS to remind us.

I didn't bat an eye when Matt Damon and Brad Pitt called during the presidential campaign. They're just movie stars.

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