Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Journal of the Plague Year, 9 — The Last Post

It's REALLY official today — we are technically ringworm free!! We knew we were out of the woods when all of the kittens' cultures were negative. They were the ones with the lesions, after all. But today the very last culture results finally came in — on Snalbert, who has no lesions. His culture took an extra 3 weeks or so because it was growing something. But it's not ringworm. As I've said before, I don't care if it's growing ebola or anthrax, all that matters is that it isn't microsporum canis.

I'm celebrating by changing the HEPA filter on my vacuum cleaner.

Naturally, I'm so paranoid that I triggered a false alarm. (In Italian, it's falso alarmo — did you know that?) I found a strange, colorful patch of fur under Possum's chin that I swear wasn't there before. So we took him to the vet on Tuesday night after fretting throughout the long holiday weekend and examining him under a magnifying glass.

"I think it's pigment!" said the vet. Translation: "It's just a little tiger patch on his white fur, moron!"

I so enjoy being stupid at times like this. Normal life can commence any time now. I'm waiting...

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