Sunday, January 31, 2010

Leading Men

Our kitten Possum (Possumus Passamaquoddy) has movie-star looks and charisma. I can't decide whether he looks more like Cary Grant, who was also born to wear a well-cut suit...

... or Johnny Depp, who has such expressive hair — and similarly big, soulful eyes. There's even something similar about their two adorable noses:

Perhaps George Clooney best personifies Possum's rakish charm, leading-man looks, and effortless style. I'll bet Mr. Clooney is jealous because he's not missing half an ear (notice how often he lets you see his left ear — gee, maybe he's missing the whole thing!):


I don't know if any of these three fine actors likes to knock over his water bowl a few times a day, but I think that might be the deciding factor.

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