Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Eve Walk in the Storm

Yesterday we decided to take a walk during the storm. It wasn't so cold and Back Bay and Beacon Hill looked elegant in monochrome.

Here's the Christmas tree at Old South, one of our favorites every year:

The Public Garden was relatively empty; the crowds for First Night were just starting to arrive:

I spotted a large raptor, perched high in a tree, and used my digital zoom. I was hoping it was the owl people have reported seeing in the Garden, but now I can see it's a hawk, solemnly taking the air (or looking for an unsuspecting pigeon?) in the storm:

We ate good soup and corn muffins sitting at the counter at Panificio on Charles Street, as we watched the passersby through the plate glass window on the other side of our bowls — it's one of the better people-watching spots in town. Twice we spotted that picturesque gentleman tour guide who looks like MFA director Malcolm Rogers, dressed in Revolutionary garb. I wanted to photograph him as he passed us in his tricorne, cape, and breeches, but my tomato-basil soup was too good; I couldn't put down my spoon to dig out my camera.

Then we picked up an Iggy's Francese loaf (how I miss the farmer's market) at Savenor's and pastries at Café Vanille, to give 2010 a sweet start.

As we slip-slid our way home, soggy and chilled, we passed the Angel of the Waters:

I love the way the snow traces all the architectural details that make our neighborhood beautiful. The snow on the wrought-iron fence made me enjoy the splendor of it anew.  Pity the poor Mt. Auburn Cemetery, surrounded with a hideous chainlink fence!

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