Thursday, January 14, 2010

Possum, Revisited

Possum's nose has recovered from the ringworm plague, as you can see here:

It's wonderful that he's finally back to his photogenic self. I love photographing him and it was sad when his nose was disfigured and his babyhood could not be suitably documented. He's especially easy to shoot because he poses naturally — and usually remembers to pause as I press the shutter button:

I took the photo below as he was helping me bake cookies. I think that cats who are interested in tasting new foods, especially people food, tend to be more intelligent. Or at least more adventurous. Or fatter, anyhow. Possum does not eat any cookie ingredients but he is wild for roast chicken, cheese, and turkey. He wraps both paws around my hand so his treat won't get away:

I have noticed that my cats tend to grow into their names. Since I give them fancy, one-of-a-kind names (Possumus P. Passamaquoddy, Wendelina Pantherina), my cats tend to develop complex personalities. I've noticed that they also develop attributes that relate to their names.

For example, Possy has elevated Playing Possum into an Olympic-caliber sport. I think the way he's revealing just a hint of his fangs and his possum-y, black lower lip in this road-kill pose is genius:

I don't know if Wendy's name is partly responsible for her unusual degree of kitten-loveliness. (I do feel guilty for naming her "Pantherina," after a poisonous mushroom — because she promptly developed a contagious skin fungus.) We had no idea she'd turn out to be so stunning when we got her as a baby. We knew she was cute, shy, and sweet, but now her expressive face often stops both of us in our tracks.

Rest assured that our older cats are not being neglected at the expense of the newbies. It's just that they don't photograph as well!

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