Monday, January 4, 2010


In August, I wrote:
...our unit has huge cracks in almost all of our apartment's walls and ceilings because of the downstairs renovation, which are waiting to be repaired. We have doors that won't shut and buckled floors, too. I watched a giant crack form over my head one day as I sat working at my desk, as the builders slammed heavy loads of wood onto the basement floor, making the whole building shake. We've been living with all this depressing damage for more than half a year, and we were continually promised that everything would be repaired when the renovation downstairs was complete. Well, it's been complete for a couple of months now, and no peeps from the builders.
In June, I wrote:
... The structural "changes in the basement created big gaps at the joints of our floors and walls. Dirt, noise, and smells float in. (We also have several doors that no longer close, huge new cracks in many of our walls and ceilings, and a buckled floor, which they say they'll repair. There's also damage to our meticulously hand-built, wood-paneled bathroom that needs expert attention.)
In April, I wrote:
We're now entering our 8th month of living in a construction zone while the condo below ours is renovated after being gutted to the bricks. Our lobby has also been a filthy wreck for the past couple of months and we've had no working doorbells since September,... Dust and dirt still pour into our place regularly, our doors no longer shut properly, and we have buckling floors, misaligned paneling, and big new cracks in our walls and ceilings, thanks to a few structural changes....  
So we've been waiting for this day for a while. The workmen from the renovation returned at 9 sharp this morning to begin repairs. Our floors are covered in purple paper, our furniture is draped in plastic, everything is pushed around and badly rearranged into a scene of chaos, and there's a big guy mixing a big bucket of plaster in the hallway. Plastering today; painting and fixing doors and floors tomorrow.

I wasn't really expecting this. The odd thing is that it was set in motion — the contractor showed up with our building manager to assess the problems —  on the same morning we heard my husband was finally getting the job he'd applied for 22 months earlier. These sorts of coincidences make it difficult for me to dismiss astrology as hoo-ha. What is the opposite of Mercury retrograde? I have no idea but I'm all for it.

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