Monday, February 8, 2010

Another Underachieving Day

I warned you it was about to get boring. Please hang in there until I can blog from Paris or we get a crisis. Or I get an interesting idea.
  1. Woke up.
  2. Went back to sleep. Dreamed that two chic female realtors had let themselves in, and were examining our apartment because they thought it was for sale. Shooed them out in a temper. (I recognized one of them, and she'd died recently, so she had no business being back in business. Apparently even dead people are more industrious than I am.) Woke up again, feeling unsettled.
  3. Got up (yes, it was late; you don't want to know).
  4. Checked email, completed daily sudoku. (Mondays = the easiest puzzle of the week.)
  5. Toast with peanut butter. Checked out the Dehillerin web site to consider my upcoming copper cookware purchase in Paris.
  6. Cleaned up kitchen. 
  7. Gave cats their second breakfast.
  8. Tried to read 20 pages of background material for possible freelance job; made it through three pages.
  9. Showered, dressed (and all before noon).
  10. Started washing three loads of laundry. Realized that during the ringworm crisis I was doing three loads a day, not three per week. Those were the days.
  11. Realized I couldn't find Wendy when the washing machine started making odd squeaking sounds. Oh, god. Shut off washer, looked for kitten through locked door. Frantically called and searched for kitten all over apartment. Cleverly snapped a photo of back of washing machine because I can't otherwise see if she's hiding there. No kitten.
  12. Noticed Possum staring at the bed in an odd, exaggerated way. Located Wendy under bed, wedged between storage tubs.
  13. More laundry. 
  14. Persuasive phone call to husband, after he emailed a photo of his newly decorated office with a framed picture hanging in the worst possible place. Received new photo of office without picture. 
  15. in same vein, removed the poster over our bed and a framed print in the hall. Stuffed them in a closet, where I found a better print to hang in the hallway. Rearranged 10 pairs of boots that had to be removed from closet for the maneuver. Wondered why I keep so many boots that hurt my feet. Wondered why storing things in this apartment is such a pain.
  16. Searched on the new Harvard employment web site. Noted that the old site was easier to use, less annoying. Typical... but how else can web designers keep their jobs?
  17. Such boring, horrible, ghastly job postings! Maybe I should go to art school....
  18. Cuddled on sofa with purring Possum while trying to find a recipe for dinner in my brand-new casserole cookbook. Observe that my passionate enthusiasm — last week — for making nothing but casseroles for the rest of my life has evaporated. Couldn't find a single appealing recipe.
  19. Remembered to water my sole-surviving plant, a thirsty, root-bound rosemary topiary — the only (nonpoisonous) plant I could keep when the kittens arrived. I don't give it enough attention; it doesn't purr, so why bother?
  20. Lunch: homemade macaroni and cheese leftovers and diet Coke. Fabulous.
  21. Picked up mail, including fake-fur-covered hot water bottle from Pottery Barn. Oh, boy! And a postcard from B., in London, who says she's staying in Buckingham Palace.... Anything is possible.
  22. Folded laundry. Debated pros and cons of vacuuming. Decided against. 
  23. Caught Wendy and cuddled, with a lecture on the importance of appearing when called. Her ears went back but she didn't argue.
  24. Realized we need groceries. Checked to see if we need paper towels: no. (If I buy some and we already have some, we have nowhere to store them and one of us has to move out. This apartment is too small.)
  25. Put on boots, went out, froze. Browsed the overpriced tops at Anthropologie. Hauled home heavy bags from Shaw's and Trader Joe's.  Pretty sunset — a wide, rosy streak across the sky.
  26. Greeted at door by hungry cats. Fed them dinner.
  27. Called my dad at the rehab facility in PA. Typical conversation about how tiring physical therapy is and how awful lunch and dinner were. Sympathized. Discussed past, upcoming snowstorms. Snalbert kept howling, interrupting me. I think I'm only allowed to talk to him.
  28. Took iPhone photos of cats. I love looking at them when I'm away from home.
  29. Hunted on for a new place. Wondered why everything for sale with 10 miles of here is entirely wrong for us, no matter what price range I search in. Worrisome.
  30. Began dinner: pizza with salami; green salad with clementines, pear, cranberries, and almonds.
  31. Uncle called: He can't reach my mother-in-law, who was expecting a grocery delivery from him earlier this afternoon. He'd been calling her for hours. She's in her 80s, her home is very cluttered and hazardous, and since she can no longer drive, she sometimes resorts to hitching rides with strangers to get around when she gets tired of waiting for the bus. And she's stubborn and doesn't listen to us. Started calling her house every 15 minutes for the next 3 hours. Assumed she was off attending something cultural. Tried not to freak out.
  32. Had perfect pizza dinner with husband, phone next to me. Heard about his day. Realized he accomplished at least 20 times more than I did. Wonder if unproductive people like me help to karmically balance the overachievers. If everyone were an overachiever, perhaps the end of the world would arrive sooner? If it were up to me, we wouldn't have invented the wheel yet. Just brownies, cashmere, diet soda, and luxury bedding. 
  33. Finished laundry. Put fresh flannel sheets on bed with Possum's "help." Can't wait to climb into them with new hot-water bottle. Continued phone calls to mother-in-law.
  34. Settled down to write dull, silly blog entry about dull, silly life. Continued calling mother-in-law. 
  35. Finally got through to mother-in-law! She went to a lecture and fell asleep.  
  36. Now: Preparing to lie on sofa for the rest of the evening, eating chocolate and finishing a Wilkie Collins novel (translation: nap). Then to bed. I hope those realtor ladies don't come back.

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