Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bracing for Snow

It's looking ominous and dark for 9 am. Naturally, I plan to go out today. What's the point of living in New England if you don't get out and enjoy the periodic winter Nor'easter? I plan to put on my boots and long coat and go for a tramp in the snow later this morning. I have a few errands, and I need bacon to make corn chowder. If I'm lucky, I'll find some photo opps that are of more general interest than the cat photos I've been posting lately.

The spouse put on his flannel-lined chinos and walked to work, figuring it would be easier to get home by bus than in his car when they (always too late) finally let the staff go home. We're on a loop where the bus drops us off a few blocks from our apartment, but getting to an outbound stop is such a trek that you'd might as well walk the rest of the way. It's the 39 bus: I suspect there are only about three of them on the route at any given time anyhow.

I hope we get more than a couple of measly inches today. I'd like enough to cover all the dirty streets and sidewalks so the neighborhood looks gorgeous, if only briefly. And, yes, I know that we'll be stuck dealing with slippery sidewalks and slush for days. Not pleasant, I admit. But that's how it goes.

You want perfect sidewalks, move to Florida.

Before I head out, here's my current favorite typo, from a Maine Coon Rescue site:

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