Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy Day

The Proper Bostonian is still in her bathrobe. So, by definition, being in one's bathrobe at 4 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon in February is a Proper thing to do. Feel free to try it yourself; it's nice.

Perhaps it is the weather that has made her so lethargic today. And this past week. Yesterday she mustered the energy to walk to Haymarket and the North End and back, fortified by pizza and a panzarotto from Galleria Umberto. But it was so cold that she didn't bother to go to the bakeries! That's cold.

Today it seems she needs to recover from that overexertion. The grayness outside, the chilly drafts inside, and general lack of enthusiasm for movement make the sofa and the moth-eaten cashmere throw look doubly appealing. The appearance of an adoring kitten who likes to snuggle with her whenever she isn't vertical means that it's likely that little will be accomplished around here for the foreseeable. Brace yourself for such scintillating blog posts as "Proper Bostonian Showers and Goes Back to Bed," "The View from the Easy Chair," and "How to Eat Without Chewing."

In fact, the PB has to attend a small, intellectual dinner party tonight and is conserving all her energy to produce witty conversation, deflect discussion of her lack of academic credentials and useful employment, avoid whatever food (anything with alcohol or cream) she can't digest, and remember her manners and her best gossip. She also has to dress suitably (as if she were playing an academic on TV). Dressing twice in one afternoon seems like a waste of time, and if she got all dressed up now, she'd be irretrievably covered in cat fur for the dinner.

Yes, it's hard to be lazier than the PB. But cats manage it all the time. So she is taking lessons from them: Wear your warmest coat indoors, take frequent naps (because resting can be exhausting), hold out for something better in your food bowl — and keep in mind that the tail you chase may be your own.

The art of lounging, as interpreted by a professional

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  1. Cats are excellent role models. I just wished I looked as lovely stretched out on a bed without caring about dignity, or, indeed, modesty!


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