Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So Much for Snow

What a non-event. I was out until mid-afternoon and the only precipitation was cold drizzle — enough to make the brick sidewalks slick but nothing like the 6 to 9 inches of wet, heavy snow we were expecting.

Nevertheless, I bought two bags of groceries, even though I did the regular shopping yesterday. I always get the urge to stock up if there's even a chance of serious precipitation. I don't know why, since no snowstorm could ever prevent me from trudging out to buy stuff if we needed it. I just have to have a lot of cheese, bread, and soup ingredients in the house when it's snowy. And we are never out of cookie ingredients; that's a given.

But it would be a terrible thing to be snowed in and run out of cat food. The police would eventually find our bodies, badly gnawed, lying in the kitchen, next the the water bowl. (That would be an empty water bowl, because both kittens like to knock it over or scoop out most of the water with their paws. I do not understand this.)

Here are the only worthwhile photos I took today, of gloomy old Commonwealth Avenue. But with the snow emergency parking ban, you can better imagine what Back Bay looked like before there were cars. Or more accurately, you can begin to picture a car-less future for the neighborhood.

There's a covering of snow on the ground now, but I doubt we'll have a winter wonderland in the morning. Part of being a New Englander is taking a deeply skeptical view of the forecast. How did I forget that? We all did. The schools had closed as of last night; we panicked. Actually, I think we all just really wanted a snow day, but wishing didn't quite make it so.

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  1. how nice to see the streets without cars; the next time there is a snow emergency announced I think I'll go into Boston from the burbs for the day to take pictures.


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