Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Eloquence of Alexander McQueen

Even if you aren't interested in fashion, you'll be moved by Alexander McQueen's final collection.

See it here via the New York Times. Be sure to zoom in on the enlarged photos to see his inspired use of art motifs from Botticelli to Hieronymus Bosch, as in this pantsuit, covered in angels' wings. And read Cathy Horyn's On the Runway blog for the details.

New York Times

All of these designs are interesting, and some are almost painfully beautiful, because we know there won't be any more. Who knew that a fashion collection could evoke such sorrow, and such a range of other emotions?

These dresses are more than exquisite examples of clothing now. They are a testament. They bear witness.

I used to believe that suicide arose from a failure to imagine all the possibilities of the future. I see no failure to imagine here, though. I must have been wrong.

A coat of gilded feathers. New York Times

New York Times

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