Monday, March 29, 2010

Good News on Newbury

We wandered in to Kitchen Arts, yesterday, noting with a little sadness that their going-out-of-business sale was still going strong. Very little stock was left on the shelves: a couple of shrimp deveiners, those paper frills for turkey legs, magnetic knife sleeves, a few diner-style syrup dispensers... that was about it.

I asked the salesperson where I could get knives sharpened after they close. He said, "You can still do it here." I looked puzzled. "You mean, in the next two days?" He said, "Oh, actually, we're closing but then we're reopening. Same name. Someone bought the business."

What great news! One less vacant storefront on Newbury, and an independent store (and neighborhood mainstay) resuscitated at the last minute. I can continue to go there for all my knife-sharpening and turkey-bloomer needs. I may even celebrate by indulging in some shiny new cookware, since the nonstick coatings on mine are all going to pot.

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