Friday, March 26, 2010

Possumus Passamaquoddy Poses

It's been a little while since I posted any Possum photos. I shouldn't prevent this personable pussycat's public from peeping at his poses:

He sleeps with personality and drama. And when his eyes are closed, I don't have to worry about red-eye. Or turquoise-eye, in his case.

Observe the neatly crossed paws in the photos above and below. I think Possy is aristocratic, and not just because he's always nicely dressed in a suit. (It is possible that he is not merely a feral foundling, but a descendant of old, titled European nobility. More on Possum's provenance at another time.)

In this pose below, he's clearly dreaming that he's SuperCat, flying through the air. Upside-down.

He sleeps a lot. I thought kittens ran around like maniacs 24/7 until they were nearly 2, but it's always hard to make the bed around here:

When Possum isn't sleeping on furniture, he's sleeping on me. My productivity at home was never anything to brag about, so all the time I now spend lying around with 11+ pounds of snoring cat parked under my chin will not affect the GNP. But I wish I could read, at least. I find myself thinking of Mohammed almost every day. According to legend, he cut off the sleeve of his robe rather than disturb his sleeping cat. I love that story, and it helps me keep still and remember my priorities. Up to a point.

Because Possum is often even more photogenic when he's awake:

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