Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainy Wednesday in Paris

A perfect day for a museum — chilly, dark, drizzly. I walked to the Louvre and whiled away much of the day in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, around the corner on the Rue de Rivoli.

The Playmobil toys exhibition was crowded with families, but I had most of the galleries to myself.

I have always been fond of tiny boxes and I found plenty to admire:

I love majolica but this is overkill:

There is a large contemporary furniture exhibition that wends its way up to the 9th floor. The views of Paris from those dusty windows were spectacular.

Heading back to St. Germain, I passed this charming grocery store. If only Deluca's looked more like this; I know they try:

I also passed the Alain Brieux shop on the Rue Jacob, with its famous stuffed alligator on the ceiling. The French have a penchant for taxidermy, bones, medical antiques, and so on. And so do I.

I went back to our room to wait out the rain. I should mention that when I wasn't taking photographs, I was eating pastry, or thinking about it. I had more than my share of chocolate-almond croissants, nutella crèpes, pain-chocolats, éclairs, and other walkable desserts.

How we love this suite at the Hôtel St. Germain des Près. We were surprised to find reading lights hidden in the velvet canopy of the bed. We also admire the inlaid floor, the four sets of leaded-glass casement windows, and the tapestry-covered walls. I spent a lot of time on the settee in the sitting area, reading my guidebooks and eating éclairs. 

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