Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The temperature made it up to 65 degrees this afternoon. I pulled up a storm window and pulled down the screen, and gave the kittens their first taste of sweet spring air. Later I dusted off my flip flops, and we walked to the Anna's on Cambridge Street for excellent burritos.

We noticed shorts and sandals, green attire, crocuses, ice cream cones, Christmas wreaths(!), and convertibles with the top down. We also saw a lot of rain boots. C'mon, that was Monday! Flood warnings are still in effect, but not in downtown Boston. The Charles doesn't crest.

Strolling down Newbury after dark, we saw a sliver of a moon that reminded me of the Cheshire cat's grin in Tim Burton's Alice. The old Joe's Bar and Grille is dark and gloomy, but the new Joe's, in the former Friday's space, had a lively bar scene that was practically exploding onto the street. The reconfigured space opens directly onto the sidewalk in good weather, and the patrons make quite a racket (at least on St. Patrick's Day). But that happy din was much nicer than the ghost town Newbury Street often resembles at this time of year. If at least a dozen of the larger, empty storefronts would fill up, it might feel just like old times.

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