Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Ultimate Solution

I have figured out how to make the rain stop. Really, truly.

What's it worth to you? I'm willing to negotiate.

All I need to do is buy a very good pair of rain boots.

When I bought my fancy winter boots earlier this year, the snow, which had been accumulating regularly, immediately dwindled down to the occasional flurry. I never had a chance to test them. I suspect that I singlehandedly diverted all those outrageous mid-Atlantic snowstorms from traveling up the coast here.

When was the last time that Philly and New York got repeatedly socked with snow and we got nothin'? Think about it. It was a weird winter, and it was weird because of me.

If I finally break down and invest in a pair of Hunter waterproofs, we could have a drought.

Would that be okay with you? I can go either way on this one.

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