Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Fire Scene on Beacon at Mass. Ave

Seeing all the firetrucks from as distance as I was walking home from Kenmore Square, my first thought was, "Did I unplug the toaster after lunch?" I'd forgotten, and we don't trust that toaster one bit. So I confess I was relieved to see that this 9-alarm fire was two blocks from our building.

What a tragedy. This is an elegant old building with a lot of stately period detail — and a lot of residents.

They were wheeling stretchers into ambulances as I passed, and clouds of smoke were pouring into the alley, which you can't see from this photo. The fire began on the 7th floor. I hope everyone is all right, including animals left at home. I can smell the burning wood in our apartment.

I will remember to unplug the toaster next time.

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