Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dripping Sink vs. Possum

Now I can show you the cats in action! My new laptop lets me upload movies. While I'm childishly impatient about waiting for video clips to load (and if I'm expected to sit through a commercial first, forget it), I must admit that Possum Cinema is exceptionally thrilling and suspenseful. Definitely worth a five-second wait!

Possy says his major artistic influences in this production were Charlie Chapin, Captain Jack Sparrow, and that James Bond movie with Daniel Craig, where a big chunk of Venice collapses and sinks into the lagoon. (Our bathroom collapsed spectacularly, too, immediately after we stopped filming. And Keira Knightley was scheduled to make a cameo appearance but she got stuck on the Red Line. Next time.)

Twelve Angry Drips
Synopsis: In a fierce battle with a trickle of water, Possum emerges soggy but victorious after making a splash. (Director and star: Possumus Passamaquoddy, USA, 2010, 29 seconds, comedy)

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