Thursday, April 8, 2010

Less Is More

I'm much happier being out in today's 60-degree weather than the sweltering, 90-degree strangeness we had yesterday. It was nice to see all the outdoor patio tables filled on Newbury Street, and people out in their first brave attempts at summer attire. Ankle-length sundresses seemed just right, camouflaging winter-white legs and unpainted toes. But short-shorts are clearly going to be more popular this year, and not always on bodies they rightly belong on....

But it was just too hot! I'll always vote a cool, rainy spring and summer over heatwaves and humidity. (But where do we vote?) Here's hoping for a lot of sweater weather this summer.

Yesterday, I noticed that leaves on the Commonwealth Avenue mall had popped, seemingly overnight. One day you happen to look up — and there there they are, in clouds of bright-green baby fluff, promising shade and summertime ahead.

The magnolias on the sunny side of the street are at the peak of perfection, too:

Those of us on the shady side of the street will get our blooms in a week or two. By that time, these petals will be making Comm. Ave. almost as slippery as it is in January. Remember January?

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