Thursday, April 22, 2010

Possum's Morning Routine

It's generous of Possum to let me follow him around with a camera. He knows he's the house celebrity, so he usually provides a good show. He was born to have his own reality series (Hangin' with the Possy) even though he's never seen one (and I wish I'd never seen one).

I can't show you him lying on top of us, purring, at 5 am, nudging at us with a wet nose whenever we try to go back to sleep. I also won't show you the mess he makes at his breakfast dish because he needs to work on his table manners. (He's only 9 months old.)

He likes to have a morning "bath," which is really just a long nap in the sink — just at the time when some of us need to brush our teeth, etc.

A post-breakfast catnip cigar is also a daily habit. Or addiction?

Then he likes to "help" me make the bed:

"Help" is in the eye of the beholder. HE thinks he's indispensable to bed-making. I think he does everything he can to make it take forever. He insists on lying on top of each layer, so I have to drag him around on it, and then I throw the next layer on top of him. He loves hiding under the covers. He persuades me to dangle toys within his reach so he can grab them from me, drag them into his bedsheet lair, and have his way with them in his cat-cave. He is especially fond of those extra-long twisties that come tied around the curly-leaf lettuce at Shaw's.

It can take us a half-hour to make the bed together.... thank god I'm unemployed.

He thinks he is a ferocious, predatory hunter when he's under the covers. I think he's adorable. (Except when he insists on smoking in bed...)

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