Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Much for My Paris Souvenir

I have bad eyesight, but I believe my facial scar from Paris is almost gone. There's only a faint pink line where previously there'd been a scary red gash. Its slight remaining bump is fortuitously in the same place where a horizontal wrinkle had been deepening between my eyes. Which I had no intention of ever filling in with Botox. Thank you, French scar, for plumping up that spot.

Wary of strange products in French pharmacies, I did nothing to treat the gash during our trip. It didn't occur to me that there were scar remedies on the market until I'd been home for a week and someone told me about them. Then I started using Mederma a few times a day. I used it regularly for a couple of weeks and noticed some improvement right away. Then, as usual, I got distracted and forgot about it most of the time, even though I keep it here on my desk.

But I think it helped my skin to heal, even if I was lazy about following directions. My next experiment will be to start putting it all over my nose, to see if it will shrink that, too.

Update: I took a closer look today, and the crease is still there, below the scar. Maybe I need to go to Paris and trip getting on a train again.

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