Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring in the Public Garden

Ah, the joys of being an unemployed freelancer. You can get together with your various freelancing and/or unemployed friends and go for long walks any day of the week. Yesterday we enjoyed the Public Garden, which is at its finest because the tulips have all just popped.

I can never decide if I prefer red:

Or sunny yellow:

Either way, they always look like they might be made of unusually realistic cast-resin, plastic, or silk. These varieties the gardeners plant are amazingly big and solid-looking — the mothers of all tulips. I keep expecting to hear them clunk against each other when the breeze blows.

The trees are mostly at peak bloom now, too. The air smells sweet, and the falling petals make me think that this is the perfect time for an outdoor wedding. Who needs rice and confetti?

There were lots of children playing; it's School Vacation Week. And it's still possible to find your own private world in the Public Garden:

The Lagoon has been filled and the Swan Boats are back. The last time I was here, it still looked like Boston's biggest mud puddle. But now it's a postcard wherever you look:

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  1. My husband and I were in Boston recently to celebrate his birthday with our college age daughter. We paused in the Public Garden to savor the very sights you posted on your beautiful blog. I remember that "A" was more interested in the squirrels than the swan boats on her first childhood visit. We reminisced a bit, then took the newly minted 52 year old to a sustaining lunch. He then, patient man, bought us new shoes. Your blog helps me feel in touch with "A"'s milieu, even as I learn about yours.


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