Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fun on the Floor

We bought the cats a Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher Toy at PetSmart yesterday. We've been lazy about keeping up with their orange and purple Soft Paws, and now we need to apply three full sets, so the scratching pad on this toy seemed like a good idea in the interim. The rest of the toy is a slippery track that holds a ball with a flashing light.

The kittens love it. We heard them playing with it through the night. It's a happy sound, and we don't mind waking up to it.

Possum is the most enthusiastic about smacking the ball around and around until he's dizzy. Wendy likes to watch him at it, and gets involved sometimes, too. Snicky has only looked on regally from a distance, so far.

But Snalbert really likes the new toy, although he has his own ideas about how to use it.

Doesn't he look comfortable? Wendy waited for him to move so she could play.

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