Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If you were wondering why it suddenly got so cold over the weekend, it was my fault.

I took a break from my writing project to pack away our winter clothes and bring out the summer ones. It's finally May, after all, and I'd spent most of the week in shorts and a tee. We have limited closet and drawer space and, anyway, it's always good to go through our wardrobes and donate whatever we don't wear. But I've noticed that this semiannual organizing session inevitably results in an immediate cold snap (or a heat wave in October).

I was starting to shiver from the cold breeze coming through our newly opened windows even as I tucked cashmere turtlenecks into their storage bags. It's like clockwork. I should send out a frost-warning bulletin next year.

I didn't pack away our super-heavy down comforter. If I had, it might have snowed.

And I left out a couple of warm sweaters. Which we're living in.

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