Friday, May 14, 2010

Current Craving: Chocolate Pudding

Specifically: Trader Joe's Belgian Chocolate Pudding.

It's everything you dreamed pudding could be. In other words, it's chocolate mousse.

Its intense, dark chocolate flavor is kind of a shock the first time you taste it. It isn't cloyingly sweet — or bland and starchy, as pudding often is. But it's not bitter, either. Just deeper, richer, and creamier than you expected. It's just sweet enough that you want another spoonful, and another.

It's too bad cats can't have chocolate. Possum and Snalbert would be really into this stuff. They are both spoon-lickers.

My local store doesn't carry it anymore because nobody bought it. They had to throw out a whole case. I didn't know my neighborhood was populated with self-denying zombies lacking tastebuds and/or joie de vivre, but I learn things all the time.

In the Brookline TJs, a couple of weeks ago, I triumphantly grabbed the last tub on the shelf. Then I noticed it was past the expiration date. Then it slipped from my hand, fell, and cracked open on the floor. No pudding for me.

Yesterday I went to Brookline again and reverently put three tubs into my cart. Then I decided to check the nutrition facts. Ah-ha: each serving has 15 grams of fat. Typical pudding, like the kind I make from a mix with skim milk, or TJ's tapioca, has about 3 grams per serving.

No wonder this pudding is at least five times better than any other I've tasted. I put back two of the tubs. Just for now. And I'm eating mine in tiny helpings with a tiny spoon, with gingersnaps on the side. It's powerfully satisfying even in small doses.


  1. I just found you while doing a search on that new Allsaints store on Newbury (that sewing machine installation is very, very effective). I LOVE your writing!

  2. Back Bay threw out a whole case?! SERIOUSLY?! Then again, Brookline is the far superior TJ's. They have more snack food option AND a killer selection of delicious vino on the cheap. Still, letting delicious desert spoil should be a crime!


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