Friday, May 28, 2010

Current Craving: Sleep

I don't mind the ongoing construction in the alley our bedroom faces — jackhammers and bulldozers ripping up the macadam to install new utility pipes at Gloucester Street. After the recent renovations in the building — 10 months of an electric saw (and shouting Irishmen) roaring a few feet beneath my bedroom floorboards at 7 am, five days a week — I can ignore almost any noise outside.

But last night, the bulldozers and jackhammers came back at midnight. Without the accompanying din of the two building renovations that are also keeping things lively in the alley by day, those jackhammers were deafening.

I was already very tired, but I had to read for an hour or two until exhaustion overcame the racket. I don't know when they left. But they aren't working today.

I slept until 9. Then I called the Public Works Department to find out what was going on. Of course, they had no idea. The guy I spoke to said he had to call the project's contractor to find out. "Let me know what you hear," I said, and gave him my number.

I told him that I suspected they had a couple of hours of work to finish before the long weekend and decided that coming back at midnight would let their crew get to their boats on the Cape several hours earlier. At the expense of only a few hundred sleep-deprived and annoyed Back Bay residents.

He also have me a 24-hour number to call if it happens again: 617-635-7555. The staff at that number can send an inspector 24/7 to see what's going on.

Wish I'd known that at five past midnight this morning.

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