Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Writing Job, Day 3: I KNEW I Should Have Learned Welding

I just spent 11 hours writing a 200-word essay. About a chair. The finished product isn't very good. I can't believe it took so long.

I'm not getting paid by the hour. Thank god: I'd be embarrassed to admit it took me that long. I'd be seriously tempted to lie, saying I rattled it off in 45 minutes even though that would cost me dearly. If I had spent only 45 minutes on it, it would probably be less horrible.

But now it's time for a very late dinner. Next I'll make the bed so we can climb into it. Then I'll have a nightmare about Napoleon or silk upholstery, and lie awake until Possum comes around to be adored. Then I'll drift off until the demo crew for the building out back wakes me up.

Tomorrow I'll be writing about a paneled wall. Morning, noon, and night.

I only have about 40 more items to go....

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