Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let's Stay in Back Bay

Today we got up early and went for an exercise walk, up and down the steeper streets of Beacon Hill until we were sweaty and exhausted. We window-shopped along Charles Street, and stopped at Starbuck's for an iced mocha (canceling out all the calories we'd just burned). We walked home through the Public Garden, admiring the trees and the spray paint removal from the Ducklings.

We showered and went to Supercuts on Boylston, where our friend Fatima quickly got us looking presentable. Then we split up to visit our two favorite retail meccas, the Apple Store (spouse) and Anthropologie (me). We picked up our dry cleaning, went home for lunch, and I started to work on my writing project. But my computer was still misbehaving, making up numbers instead of giving accurate word counts. We made an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store, arrived there 20 minutes later, and spent an hour chatting with the Genius as he (we hope) finally solved the problem that had been stumping Microsoft's experts for the past four days.

Walking home, my husband said, "Look at everything we did today. We never needed a car. Can you imagine having to drive to Apple Store and find a parking space? How can we live anywhere else?"

He's right. This was a typical day: doing multiple errands, walking for exercise, and enjoying the best parts of our neighborhood, always on foot. As much as I want a backyard garden and the privacy and independence of a single-family house, in our price bracket it would mean relocating to a less-walkable neighborhood. And we are simply too spoiled, having Back Bay's many conveniences outside our front door for too many years.

I walk everywhere. I carry home heavy bags from Shaw's and Trader Joe's and it's usually good exercise, not torture. I don't need a driver's license just to get milk and cat food. Or to go to the gym. Or to get to the T.

I hope there's a big, shady roof deck out there with our name on it. A Beacon Hill garden might be okay, too.

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  1. When my daughter was younger we walked to story hour at the library, her dance lessons, nursery school, etc. She started out in a snuggly, then a stroller, then hand in hand we walked. You would like our Maine river town's cobblestoned Main Street, especially the Jacobean Library that was championed by Pulitzer Prize winner Laura E. Richards. People do not understand (generally) non-drivers here in Maine. I once was enjoying lunch downtown with my mom-in-law when a local woman started to advise me vociferously on where to take driving lessons! There were strangers eating next to me! I love my visits to see our daughter in Boston for so many of the reasons you describe. She is sporting a new short cut from Supercuts, although I think she goes to the one in Chestnut Hill near her college. You produce a delightful blog.MaineMom90


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