Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Little Black Dress Gets Bigger

Strange things have been happening in my closet. I bought a Little Black Dress from Garnet Hill a couple of months ago. It was flattering and comfortable, and the price was right. I have two other LBDs, but one came back from the tailor too tight in the shoulders, and the other one has always seemed a little too short and swishy. So having found a perfect LBD, I rested easy. Here it is:

I put it on this week for the first time, to go to a meeting. Whoaa! While it was on the hanger, it had stretched. Suddenly the deep scoop neckline was way too low.  I would have been the talk of the Garden Club for six months if I'd worn it. Besides the neckline, the whole dress now looked frumpy, too.

It's funny how that works. You hang something in your closet believing it's perfect and then you take it out, put it on, and it's terrible. It has to be the closet's fault. Weird chemical reactions go on in the dark in there. It's enough to make me consider throwing my clothes on the floor, where they'll be safe and sound.

But there was more activity in my closet. I pulled out the too-short black dress and tried it on. Wow! It had stretched on the hanger, too, because it's the right length now. The pleats even seem less annoyingly swishy and perky. If there's one thing I can't stand about clothes, it's a perky attitude.

So I've got a nice Little Black Dress after all. And luckily for me, the return policy at Garnet Hill was written by someone high on Demerol and feeling intense generosity. You can return things any time, even if you've washed them. So back goes the dress, still with the tag. If I exchange it for something else, I don't even have to pay any shipping. And I could use a Little Blue Dress....

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