Friday, May 7, 2010

Writing Job, Day 5

Today's writing assignment was harder than I expected, but it could have been worse. It's late, but I'm done. And I took some breaks to make a pot of roasted tomato-basil soup. I'd bought all the fresh ingredients a whole week ago and didn't want them to go to waste. I might get around to eating some today.

I've been so tied up with this project that I've only been out of the house three times in the past week, and twice it was just for physical therapy appointments. I really need to get better at this, and soon. I'm developing an unhealthy pallor and my legs have grooves from the bentwood chair I use at my desk.

Still, I'm not complaining. I find this kind of writing really challenging (obviously), and interesting. I really want to get better at it. And for other reasons besides the fact that it takes me 10 hours to write a few hundred words.

Writing might go faster if I had some quiet during the day. There's been a filthy, noisy large-scale condo demolition going on right outside the bedroom windows for the past several weeks. Then there's the guy who's  been sawing some kind of metal down the street. All day long. Then there's the building renovation in progress right across the street. There are always idling trucks, hammering, drilling, and the deafening air horn of the "roach coach" that drives up twice a day to provide the guys' meals and coffee. Finally, there's some guy who spent the past two days hammering outside, a few doors down.

I can usually manage to write through all that, but I just have to laugh sometimes when it's all booming at once and I'm wondering why I can't focus on block-printing techniques. Oh, well. Life in the city.

But over the usual din, I overheard some familiar voices this afternoon. The contractor who has done some major projects in our little building that drove us crazy for months was back, with a workman. They were talking about some new job. When he's around, that means it's going to get noisy soon.

God help me. Time to crank up The Clash, so I can concentrate.

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