Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cat Clothing

No, I'm not talking about dressing up the cats, who already have elegant fur coats (and allegedly wear silk undies beneath them).

I'm talking about this dress from Anthropologie, which I spotted on their sale page:

I remember passing it in the store and thinking it was a very pretty style, except for those odd orange and gray splotches on the skirt. But after I took a closer look at what they are, I changed my mind:

Cats! I had to give this a try. After all, there's free shipping for Anthro card holders until Labor Day, I can take returns to the store a few blocks from here. So no commitment.

Pictorial clothing is a stretch for me, although I have a skirt that's got a charming vintage-style print of Venice. When I wore it there, I had to fend off women asking where to get one in various languages.

Aside from this, I don't wear prints very often, not even florals. And forget tees with slogans or pictures, or anything at all with obvious logos. I snip the labels off the insides of my clothes, so I never want any on the outside, either. Sometimes I'm stuck: Barbour jackets have logos on the buttons.

I hope that the cat dress shows up; Anthropologie has disappointed me in the past. I'll order something that quickly goes out of stock, leaving me in the lurch. If this arrives and actually fits, I guess you'll see me around....

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