Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chillin' with Our Possy

The Proper Bostonian and her furry clan are ready for fall temperatures — right now, please. Hot weather is miserable when you're wearing a fluffy fur coat — and it's too humid even for skin. We have an air conditioner in the living room and a ceiling fan in the bedroom, but neither is a good substitute for cool, fresh air pouring in through the windows. We open them before bed and tie back the curtains, hoping our rooms will cool down naturally. Not so much. But the linden trees are blooming, and their sweet scent is strong enough to wake me up.

Here's Wendy, lying behind her tail and enjoying a direct blast of air conditioning this morning, with Snalbert catching the breeze nearby. Wendy allowed me to pet her, and felt refreshingly cold to the touch:

Here's Possy, who thinks the sink is his personal bathtub. He curls up in it for hours every day. And doesn't he look comfortable?

Last night, the kittens — I can still call them that because they aren't quite a year old — had a mutual grooming session that was great to watch, even after Possy decided to gnaw on Wendy's leg.

We could all use somebody to gnaw on when it's this hot.

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