Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Current Craving: Jersey Sheets

We tried out our new jersey sheets from Garnet Hill last night. They are deliciously soft and silky. I washed them first, of course, hoping that they wouldn't warp and pill — jersey sheets tend to be disappointing that way, falling apart quickly and turning into strange shapes whose names I once knew from geometry class. These came out of the dryer unwrinkled and neatly rectangular.

I tend to buy plain sheets because I seldom see patterns that I'll keep enjoying for years. I like to keep things simple, so I usually buy white flat sheets and cases, and liven things up with colored fitted sheets. This makes it easier to do just two loads of laundry a week in our little washer and dryer, too.

But I went out on a limb with these jersey sheets:

My husband loves them, as I knew he would. He had wild sheets in his single days. One horrible set, featuring large rainbows in a pilled poly-cotton blend, is still etched in my mind. He saw me putting these on the bed last night and said, "Bachelor sheets!" I said they were not. Bachelor sheets are cheap and crappy, and these are definitely an investment.

I believe they are worth their price. Every time Possum woke me up last night — and I think he jumped up three times to stretch out on me, giving violent head-butts whenever I stopped petting him — I was delighted with how great these sheets feel. They make me happy. I want another set. Soon. Maybe right away.

The color options are below. I'll skip the pattern with the blue peace signs, and try the tiny polka dots instead, with a green fitted sheet. My husband will try to persuade me to get an orange set instead, or mix it up with orange, green, and bright blue. But I will resist. He is no longer a bachelor.

Hey, it's after 11! Time to go back to bed, which is just what I'm in the mood to do.

Oh.... Never mind. It seems there's another 12 hours left before bedtime.

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