Friday, June 4, 2010

Current Craving: Southwest Harbor, Maine

In a month, we'll be back on Mount Desert Island, after 11 months' absence, way too long.

It's a beautiful place, and we have friends and family there.  We hang out by the pool or the ocean:

The park has it all: ocean, lakes, mountains, woodsy trails, rocks, ponds, carriage roads for walking, and great views everywhere you look:

We eat delicious, often unwholesome food, like the hot dogs and fries at Sprague's Lobster, and outdoor shack by the sea. We always hit Sprague's on the drive up, in Wiscasset:

And there's CJs Ice Cream in Bar Harbor, the Little Notch for gourmet pizza, and the Mt. Desert Island tradition — hot popovers and cool drinks at the Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park:

When we aren't eating, we visit the Rockefeller Gardens, the Azalea Garden at Asticou, and the garden at Thuya Lodge:

We go for walks and hikes, and I like to photograph mushrooms. At night, I compare them to my mushroom guides back at the inn and seldom make a clear match. I'm always hoping to find deadly ones, of course....

There's a friendly cat, Ruby, who visits us at the inn and puts on a show:

The only sad part about vacations is leaving our cats behind. I don't think Snalbert or Snicky will mind our absence much. They're used to our summer trips and they are champion sleepers at their ages. I don't think Wendy will notice — at least not for a few days. But Possum requests my attention all the time, and I know he will miss me. I wish we could take him with us.

He will languish without all the petting, snuggling, playtime and attention he asks for and gets many times a day. And I will miss him terribly. Fortunately, our visits to Maine seem to fly by; a week up there feels like a couple of days.

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