Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kitchen Wares: French Goods, American Prices

When we were in Paris last winter, we visited our favorite little tea shop, La Charlotte de l'Isle, where I had a near-fatal run-in with a delicious pot of chocolat chaud that was loaded with cream. Which upset my digestion, to put it mildly.

I wrote about it here, but I don't think I included a photo of the crime scene. Here it is:

Before the chocolate tried to murder me, I was having a pleasant conversation with my husband, as he drank tea and ate a chocolate torte and I finished every drop of my chocolat chaud, accompanied by shot-glasses of cold water, because that chocolat can be too high-octane for anyone. My husband mentioned that he really liked the little dog-shaped milk pitcher that you see in the photo. I instantly promised him that I would find one for him. I love a quest, especially if it means shopping.

I looked around Paris, but didn't see any. Then I forgot all about it until I went into the new Kitchen Wares (formerly Kitchen Arts) store at 215 Newbury. They carry a French porcelain line called Revol. And there they were: little pitchers shaped like dogs, cows, and weird, Buddha-like cats. My little dog pitcher cost a whopping $2.50. I was so pleased.

And after I reminded my husband that he'd wanted one of these little pitchers, he was, too.

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