Sunday, June 13, 2010

Learn from My Mistakes

If you go to brunch at Sel del la Terre, as we did on Boylston Street today, heed this advice.

They will hand you a memo and your eye will immediately be drawn to:
Brioche French toast, apricot compote, honey roasted almonds, vanilla butter; Vermont maple syrup 15
After you read that, it will probably be impossible for you to consider anything else, not even:
Truffled mushroom quiche, caramelized onions, ComtĂ© 
Grilled ham and cheese: black forest ham, gruyere, mustard aioli, pickled red onion; Pain levain 
So you and everyone else at your table will order the French toast. And it will be wonderful. You will find yourself sopping up every last morsel of syrup and apricot compote with your last bite of brioche.


Then they will bring you a dessert menu. And you will feel very foolish, because you have already had dessert.

And thus you will miss:
Warm molten chocolate fondant, toasted house-made marshmallow; graham cracker ice cream
Don't suffer as I have suffered.

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