Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Bits of Retail

I read last week that there are 30 nail salons on Newbury Street, and that the major landlords think that's enough. Hooray. Actually, guys, three nail salons are all we need.

I don't mind that there are four Second Time Around shops, though. It would be nice to have more than one antique store (Marcoz, which is having yet another moving sale, uh-oh...). But STA is as close as you can get to being free to rummage in your neighbors' closets, so it's often entertaining.

"Sweet," the disappointing cupcake shop on Mass. Ave., is moving to Newbury, not far from Johnny Cupcakes. Now, when unsuspecting tourists flock into Johnny, hoping for cupcakes but finding nothing but cotton jersey tees in those poor, wasted bakery cases, they can be directed to Sweet — to pay too much for a real, if undersized and cottony, cupcake.

I see that we are about to get not one but two shops for "the urban pet." I hope that doesn't translate as "dog." Possum always wants catnip cigars and I have to go to the two urban pet shops in Brookline to get more, because Pawsh, on Gloucester, is all about dogs and has hardly any cat toys. One of the new shops is called something like "Fish and Bone," which doesn't sound promising. Unless they are selling dried fish as cat treats. There are more pet cats in the U.S. than dogs, and it's time retailers realized that.

Possum regards me accusingly because his soggy old
cigar has lost its cute label. Because he ate it.

It looks like that "women's" clothing store that never showed anything but a row of thigh-high, foufy, baby-doll dresses in the window is gone. I could be wrong; I hope I'm not. What was it called? Baby Wings? Easter Feathers? Whatever, it's empty. Any self-respecting female over the age of 10 should not try to attract men who want girlfriends dressed like preschoolers.

Sel de la Terre on Boylston is offering an express lunch with various half-sandwich, half-salad, half-soup combos for $10 and $12. That's an excellent deal.

Go into the Arden Gallery, at 129 Newbury, which is having a show by a favorite artist of mine, Terri Malo, through June 30. They've already sold all my favorite little paintings, so you can have your pick. (Oh, to have a steady income to blow on art, lunch, cat toys, and books on Newbury.)

Here's one little canvas I loved and lost:

Passing Showers, by Terri Malo, at the Arden Gallery

In less local news, I hear that the empty Crate and Barrel store in Harvard Square is being filled by Anthropologie. If I end up to moving to that side of the river, I'll be partially consoled by that. It's an excellent, huge space, and I look forward to seeing what the Anthropologie designers do with it. Every store looks different but I always enjoy their atmosphere. It's fun to visit a few in NYC over the course of a day to see what their display people put together with arts-and-crafts supplies and found objects.

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