Thursday, June 24, 2010

Moving On!

And right over the edge, apparently....

Every weekend, I waste time on virtual condo-hunting via Boston Homes, the colorful tabloid that brightens our doorstep on Saturday. Even though we've been settled in our place for more than a decade I keep looking, just in case something amazing turns up in our price range. Proving that I'm a deranged optimist with no inkling of reality.

I picked up the current BH yesterday, while cooling my heels at FedEx (my husband likes to show a girl a good time on the weekend), and spotted this:

Those decks are certainly far from ordinary. It would be thrilling indeed to have one, especially if your household includes small children or dogs. I wonder if the developer decided that railings would detract from the sleek lines and minimalist aesthetic of the aluminum siding. Or maybe it's the only way one can live dangerously in South Boston now that it's become all lattéed and yogafied.

Only two units are left, and I'll bet they're on the top floor.

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