Friday, June 11, 2010

New Look

In my very successful pursuit of ways to procrastinate instead of working on my writing project, I decided to redesign this blog.

This is not exactly the look I had in mind, but it's fun for a change, and I hope it's more legible. What do you think? I'll keep tweaking it, of course, since it's an endlessly entertaining way to waste time. It's better than writing about William Paxton. Not that I don't enjoy his work. I love antique stores, after all, and that's what all his crowded interiors look like, as far as I'm concerned.

I just realized I'm about 75% finished with this project, which has been lots of fun and lots of work. I still find writing about art a scary challenge every single day. But I like a scary challenge; the opposite is a boring exercise! No thanks. I think I'm writing much too slowly but there doesn't seem to be any way to speed up and also do a good job (and being a champion procrastinator doesn't help).

In other news, we've had visitors from Egypt, and soon we're getting six visitors from France and another friend from Egypt. And a friend from Italy is supposed to show up this month, too, but we don't know her plans. These travelers all provide legitimate excuses for not working, so I appreciate their timing. These are mostly friends and colleagues of my husband, so all I need to do is show up for nice dinners and brunches, at which they politely ask me to whine about how busy I am. It's nice.

Another way to procrastinate is playing with the cats. The other day, Snicky remembered an old toy we have, which was left behind by our condo's previous owner. It's a disgusting little piece of chewed-up fabric, tied with a long string to a wooden fishing. She had a great time chasing it and carrying it around as I trailed right behind her, which was unusual — she's a sedate, fragile 16-year-old. Then she swallowed the fabric and I had to pull it out of her throat, covered in cat slime. Didn't I say this toy is disgusting? I never exaggerate.

Wendy has decided she enjoys being petted and that we are not as evil as she'd thought. Since we've stopped picking her up and holding her, she is blossoming. We can approach her for petting any time and she will purr madly and start sashaying around. Her giant tail slams back and forth as she does this, throwing her slightly off balance. She has yet to start flinging herself against us, which should be her next step in her claiming us as her territory. But she's making progress, and she'll talk to me if I question her in the right tone of voice.

The other day a friend came by and was lucky to catch sight of Wendy by the fireplace, briefly frozen in terror at seeing a strange human. As she took off, our friend said, "There goes Wendy! And there goes Snicky behind her!" But it wasn't Snicky. She has mistaken Wendy's fluffy tortoiseshell tail for our fluffy tortoiseshell cat. I'm serious when I say that Wendy is a big tail with a small cat attached.

Life is good.

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