Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Shoe Fits

So there's this story in today's Boston Globe about this 5,500-year-old shoe that was just found in Armenia. It's the oldest leather shoe ever found. And it's a 7 — my size! It looks like this:

Apparently we wore shoes like this for thousands of years. It's made of one piece of cowhide, with lots of laces and eyelets to fit it to the foot. It's stuffed full of grass for shock absorption, blister protection, and warmth.

If you know any Armenian little old ladies, you've probably seen these shoes. I don't know where they get them, but nowadays the leather is blacker and has slightly more of a sheen. They've probably had them handed down in their families over hundreds of years. Perhaps they originally came from the same prehistoric cobbler over in Yerevan.

At least they are comfortable. Those little old Armenian ladies really get around.

And isn't being able to walk the whole point of a shoe? So why, exactly, did we ever switch over to these?

The 5,500-year-old shoe is not so different from an Earth Shoe, without the grass:

How long will it be before the good people at Uggs, Down Under, start making reproductions of the Armenian Shoe? I can see it now: it will come with its own starter pack of pre-planted grass seed. Just add water and wait. And walk.

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