Thursday, July 15, 2010

Current Craving: Fluffy Kittens from MAAS

Hosmer and Cortland: Kittens available for adoption

Unfortunately, the Proper Bostonian can't adopt any more cats. But she has an active dream life and she is crazy about these tiger kittens, very reminiscent of Possum in his own recent babyhood. They are from the Metrowest Animal Awareness Society in Hudson, Mass., the excellent rescue organization that fostered Possum and his feral siblings. Their kittens can only be adopted in pairs, or go to households where there are other younger, active cats — a very wise, humane policy not only for the cats, who will have a playmate and lifelong companion, but also for the owners, who won't have to worry about leaving their kitten entirely alone during the workday. It's a time-consuming responsibility to be your kitten's only playmate — they need hours of daily/nightly play when they're little.

Hosmer has extra toes — a cat can't have too many.

Cortland reminds me of Possum

Here's their description from in case you're looking for a couple of gorgeous babies:

Metrowest Animal Awareness Society Inc.
Hudson, MA

We're the Whitney Hill kittens, named for the streets surrounding old Hudson College (did you know Hudson had a college?) We are actually from another rescue, who found themselves overwhelmed with summer kittens. We've been well loved in foster homes, and we want homes of our own! We're about 10 weeks old.

Will you give us a forever home?

All of our cats are tested for FeLV/FIV, up to date on vaccinations, and spay/neutered before adoption. The adoption fee is $150 for kittens or $100 for adults. The best, and fastest way to reach us is e-mail:

OUR KITTEN POLICY: Kittens under the age of 6 months need other cats for social development and fewer behavioral problems - and they keep each other company when people aren't around. So, we adopt out kittens in pairs, or with their charming momcats, or into home already having a young or active cat.
Hosmer and Cortland are up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and spayed/neutered.

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