Sunday, July 11, 2010

Current Craving: Stonewall Kitchen

Need I say more?

This is a new product from the Stonewall Kitchen. Their headquarters, in York, Maine, is an easy drive from Boston and great place to visit. You can sample many of their products, and there's a cafeteria, too.

Here are a few other products I plan to try:

Although I don't drink, I love nonalcoholic "mojitos" (nojitos?) with sparkling water or ginger ale. And I never have fresh mint around, so this mix might be perfect.

It seems that cheese balls are making a comeback; at least the Stonewall Kitchen offers them in loads of flavors. This key lime version would be an ideal '60's-retro snack for watching the new season of Mad Men in a couple of weeks. Served with graham crackers, of course. And maybe some Tab in a colorful aluminum drinking glass, since we can't make my personal favorite, Funny Face Drink Mix (Goofy Grape! Injun Orange!), anymore.

I never eat doughnuts these days. But I want to. I'd like to bake my own, although that would mean buying a doughnut pan, which would probably require one of us to move out of here because we'd have nowhere to store the darn thing. 

But if my homemade doughnuts really turned out like this, it might be worth it: 

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  1. Pick up a Bourbon Molasses Mustard and I'll share my salad dressing recipe when you get back to the Back Bay.


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