Monday, July 26, 2010

"Mad Men" Returned

So did you think it was worth the wait and the hype? Possibly. We know the characters well enough to be interested in what's happening to each one. But I always seem to left wanting more than I got. What I got last night was a lot of catching up and chicken Kiev, and what I didn't get was enough enlightenment.

It's clear that Don's cracking up, personally and professionally and that should be interesting to watch. The tip-off for me was not the bad interview(s), his Thanksgiving Day prostitute, or his shabby treatment of Peggy. It was his terrible pitch for the Jantzen swimsuits account. If he thought that spec ad was worth defending, he is seriously ill.

And after all this time, must Don still treat Peggy like she's pond scum? And why is she taking it in such a junior secretary–like fashion again?

Whoever is writing for Roger must have spent months stocking up on cruel cripple jokes and nasty comebacks. And poor Joan, she only got to look well-dressed and do office work.

I think I like Henry Francis's mother more than I like Betty.

But what I liked best of all were the Trader Joe's milk chocolate–covered pretzels that we munched on, to the detriment of some of the quickly mumbled dialogue. If you haven't tried them, don't! They are crack for the chocoholic who loves salt. If you buy one bag, I can almost guarantee you'll find yourself buying another against your better judgment.

One of my food rules is never to buy things in bags, which nicely rules out all the worst snacks and lots of other processed foods. There are exceptions: good-quality granola and imported pasta come in bags, but it means we never even venture down certain aisles to buy chips or junky store-bought cookies. (We do buy TJ's triple ginger snaps, which come in tubs.)  But my husband was pining for pretzels and I was pining for chocolate, and we saw this lonely little bag as we were standing in the TJ's check-out line, and we caved. Now I am going to declare a limit of two bags per year. And I mean it. Just like Don does when he says he'll clean up his act.

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