Saturday, July 10, 2010


When the rain started, we were in Rodney's Bookstore in Central Square this afternoon, trying to use up the last of our $100 credit (from selling them a whole trunkful of expensive hardcovers around Christmastime) before the store goes out of business. By the time we got to Felipe's in The Garage — where the burritos are comfortingly like those at Anna's Taqueria, but possibly better — the rain was "bucketing down," as they say in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Our little umbrella did no good, sending water down the back of my sundress at regular intervals.

We made it back to the car, soaked but not drowned, and made a foolish decision to drive over to my husband's office, nearby. Flash flooding. Flooded underpasses. Stalled cars. Sodden folk. Water up over the curb. The water was also over our hubcabs for some stretches of road, but our trusty little Mitsubishi didn't let us down or leak a drop. We passed several flooded-out cars. 

The water in the parking lot covered the soles of my flip flops. And then his electronic key wouldn't open either building door. So we got another soaking for nothing.

But it was an unexpected Saturday afternoon adventure. We slowly drove home, avoiding the flooding on Storrow. We were not pleased to find that the rain hadn't really cooled things down much at all.

Flooded Mass. Ave., heading toward Harvard Square.

The Starbucks at Mass. Ave & Shepard St., with water at curb level
 and sandbags at the door.

Artsy-Impressionistic rain effect, with drenched figure.

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  1. Wow! A few miles made a huge difference! We certainly got a downpour over here in South Boston, but nothing like the scenes you captured. The scariest image? The Starbucks that was impossible to enter. I shudder at the thought!


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