Saturday, July 3, 2010

Postcards from Maine: Places to Relax, Sights to See

I missed our cats terribly and often on our trip. But there was also plenty to distract me. Here are some of our favorite spots for hanging around on Mount Desert Island:

The Southwest Harbor Library's reading room, with its cozy fireplace.
They have comfortable sofas and rockers and a great selection of magazines.

Downtown Bar Harbor, a classic New England resort town, 
attracting hikers, campers, rich WASPs, and tourists for more than a century.

A view to the sea from the top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak 
in Acadia National Park.

Sailboats lined up neatly in Northeast Harbor, from the covered bench 
on the pathway to Thuya Garden.

The "Bubbles," and Jordan Pond, from the Jordan Pond House restaurant in 
Acadia National Park. 
No resemblance to Christina Hendricks is intended.

A sunset from the ferry dock at Southwest Harbor. They aren't always this pink.
I noticed the sky turning rosy from the pool 
and dashed down to the dock in a dripping towel to take this.

The pool and hot tub at the Lindenwood Inn, our home away from home.

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