Thursday, July 1, 2010

Postcards from Maine: Signage & Advertising

The Proper Bostonian had a fine little vacation in Maine and ignored her blog as a serious vacationer should. But not entirely — she took pictures, keeping in mind that even hers are usually more interesting than her tedious prose. Here are some photos with advertising themes.

Here's Sprague's Lobster Pound, in Wiscasset, where we don't miss the cheese dogs on the trip up Coastal Route 1. This little building always makes us happy:

We spotted this Beetle in the parking lot of Carroll's Drugstore in Southwest Harbor, covered in images of antique ceramic tiles:

Can you imagine better car advertising? I want a Mini Cooper just like this. I was tempted to steal this Bug, but I guess I wouldn't have gotten far, even if I swapped license plates. And not just because I can't drive....

We love CJs Big Dipper, the best of many ice cream shops in Bar Harbor, where the blonde Russian server will ask you if you wanted chocolate shprinkles or colored shprinkles. Here's their outdoor flavor board. If you can't be bothered to click to enlarge, I will list some highlights: Cashew Caramel Turtle. Blueberry Cheesecake. Black Raspberry Disaster. Ginger. Mudslide. Moose Tracks. And missing from the board but always a favorite: "I'm Not Sure Yet," with a little bit of everything.

Since I can't eat regular ice cream, I appreciate the low-fat and frozen yogurt options, which are more plentiful than at any Boston-area shop:

A kiddie-size cone of chocolate peanut butter yogurt is a Bar Harbor ritual for me. And sometimes it's also lunch or dinner.

Here's Bar Harbor's only movie theater, the Criterion, advertising the week's show in "Classic 2D." I'd never see that movie in 4D, let alone 3D, but the real problem with the Criterion is the seats — speaking from a long-ago experience, the last time I was cajoled into sitting in them against my better judgment. Painful springs poke through the upholstery and the rows so tightly packed that my knees were banging into the seat ahead of me even when I'm bolt upright. When someone has to get past you, you might as well just amputate at both knees. I don't know how anyone over 11 can stand it in this place. And I hear it's closing, but don't expect me to shed tears.

This is more my speed: the display window at Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor, featuring a long-haired corpse partially buried in sand. Obviously the poor thing drowned because she was weighed down with bling. We told the owner we loved his window and he chuckled merrily. "Have you upset anyone yet?" I asked. "I certainly hope so!" he replied.

Here's our inn, advertising brunch. The menu is very small, but very good. They hired a local chef, Bill, who has worked in area restaurants for years and is a master baker as well as a creative cook. We had strawberry crèpes, egg-and-veggie crèpes, eggs Benedict, and absolutely perfect scones and scrambled eggs. If I reminisce too much about breakfast, I'm going to get depressed.

Finally, here's a sign we spotted on the trip home, in Liberty, Maine. The diner, next door, was covered in signs that I was too embarrassed to photograph. But they included "Rabid Waitress on the Loose," and "$5 Surcharge for Whining."

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