Friday, July 2, 2010

Postcards from Maine: Wildlife

We didn't do any hiking in Maine, except for the requisite little stroll around the top of Cadillac Mountain. But we drove through the park complaining about the insensitivity of the area deer and moose, which hid themselves successfully from us as we drove around the park, slurped jam off our popovers, and sat in our poolside chairs, napping and reading, and watching the seagulls gliding over the harbor. (This was a very lazy vacation, centered around the pool and hot tub, with occasional jaunts to eat, visit friends, and watch fireworks.)

We roused ourselves to make the 1/4-mile walk up the stairs to Thuya Garden & Lodge and were rewarded with some frogs. Don't these frogs remind you of people you know?

There were also lots of bumblebees:

But our closest encounters with Island wildlife were with Ruby, the Maine Coon-esque tabby who lives across the street from our inn but makes herself at home around the pool:

Ruby is gorgeous and friendly, and loves to be petted until she doesn't. She attacked my arm briefly, for no reason but, hey, she looks like a miniature mountain lioness, so she's allowed to behave like one.

Here's the Proper Bostonian herself, enjoying some less-vicious attention from Ruby at the hot tub. If only I'd had a slice of cake, too, I might have died of the sheer blissfulness of it all.

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