Thursday, July 29, 2010

Remember These?

I was happy to get the August J. Crew catalogue the other day, featuring....
And also boots and corduroys. So it can't be long now... turtleneck weather will surely arrive one of these days. (If not before the next J. Crew catalogue.)
I'm tired of sweating, roasting, and getting sunburned. I love swimming pools and iced tea as much as anyone, but I've had enough humidity and I can't wait for fall.
Sure, I'll miss my flip flops, and I'm not suggesting that freezing temperatures and snow have to arrive by October 1. I just want brisk, cool days and chilly nights. I want to sleep under the comforter instead tossing on top of it while my feet are bitten by mosquitoes and I'm kept awake by the noisy but ineffectual air conditioner.
But even as I look forward to fall, I hope that Lord & Taylor waits to put up their Christmas displays until Halloween — at least! 

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  1. September is my favorite month. I'm basking in the remaining days of summer, but I know that I'll be happiest when the foliage starts to turn and it will be time to purchase some lovely new sweaters like these!


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