Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sale Time at Garnet Hill

I've been keeping a watchful eye, and it's finally time for the annual summer sale and clearance event at Garnet Hill, my favorite online retailer.

I've just ordered my second sets of their jersey sheets (polka dots) and "Paintbrush Flannel" sheets at very good prices. I love the quality of both of these, and I was happy to see that the sale includes the colors I wanted. This should inspire me to get rid of our ratty old flannels and summer bedding — otherwise, I'll have nowhere to store these.

It seemed counterintuitive to be thinking about heavy-duty flannel sheets while our air conditioners are blasting without much success, and it feels even more like soup outside. But smart shoppers get their deals whenever they can.

So keep in mind that they've got Børn and Frye boots on sale as well as sandals, flip-flops, and lots of summer clothes. But it's all going fast.

I also ordered this lightweight cardigan, which will either be striking in a vaguely Stevie Nicks way, or frumpy and stumpy. Free exchanges, no exceptions.

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