Friday, July 30, 2010

So Much for Skinny Jeans

I ordered some Pilcro jeans on sale for half-price from Anthropologie:

I thought they looked quite nice in this photo. I imagined they would be straight and slim-cut, but — you know — normal jeans. Stylish but still Appropriate for Women My Age.

Most of my current jeans seem very baggy — too Appropriate for Women My Age. I have just two pairs that I like; I should toss my other three floppy pairs, which are identical, or turn them into cut-offs. Or make one into a long skirt like the one I sewed when I was 14, where I opened all the leg seams of a pair of torn Landlubber hip-huggers and filled them in with triangles of different calico prints. And added embroidered flowers around the waistband and stitched on various patches and appliqu├ęs.

But on the other hand, I still have that skirt, and do I really need two?

The Anthropologie Pilcro jeans turned out to be leggings that are straight from about the mid-calf down. The denim is dark, soft, and stretchy. They feel extremely comfortable; have a respectable, non-Britney rise; and are just the right length. And they made me look surprisingly good despite a few extra pounds; I know that high-end jeans will do that, but usually you pay at least three times more than $49.95 for the privilege. So I never do.

But jeans-leggings are simply not appropriate for women anywhere close to my age. Thus speaks the tiny fashionista fairy, in chic and ageless fairy attire, who lives quietly somewhere inside my right ear. "Even tucked into equestrian boots for fall?" I pleaded. "Nope!" said she.

So back they must go. Too bad, legs. But she's right, even if she makes her own wardrobe out of butterfly wings and flower petals. I guess I'll stick with J. Crew's matchstick jeans, which leave a little more to the imagination and still tuck decently into boots. Much less comfortable, though....

The saddest part? I fit into both the 28 and the 27. And I usually wear a 29!

Ah, well. Free shipping and easy returns at the store.


  1. If they fit well and you think they look good on you, then what's the problem? That fairy isn't right 100% of the time.

  2. I was wondering the same thing, whether or not skinny jeans are appropriate for older women!

  3. Sounds like our fairies went to the same school. I think it's maybe a question of where women of a certain age spend most of their time perhaps? Like, the office--not appropriate. Parent Teacher conferences--not appropriate. On the other hand, they might be good for girls night out.


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